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Outlook & Review 24 March 2014

photo (7)Most markets enjoyed a good run last week, despite some intra-period uncertainty. The S&P 500 gained 1.4%, the Eurostoxx 50 2.3% and even Russia picked up well, rising 5.3% against some heavy selling the week before.

It’s dangerous to pluck a set of price moves out of the air though, the week was not without its fun: Continue reading

Outlook & Review 17 March 2014

photo (7)Markets took quite a beating last week, variously on disappointing Chinese data and concerns that Russia will go ahead and annex Crimea, after the latter held a referendum that falls short of a fair and open vote.

The Chinese slowdown has been a key macro risk for this year. It remains front and centre, and yet the data released so far, although missing expectations, certainly doesn’t imply that China is on a significant slowdown. The Chinese financial sector appears to be Continue reading

Russian Market Takes a Beating

Check out my latest op-ed on The Moscow Times website, offering a perspective on what to do with your Russian exposure. Written primarily for Russia residents, but globally relevant.
Also, contact me directly for a detailed private analysis of the situation.

Ukraine Crisis: Russia & the EU

cropped-photo-71.jpgSome of my favourite commentators are insisting that there is nothing the EU can do about Russia’s activities in Ukraine, because it is so dependent on gas. I would argue that this is not the case. I would also suggest that irresponsible actions by the EU have antagonized the situation to it’s current critical impasse.

First, what can Europe do? Continue reading