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Economies & Markets Are Geopolitically “Anti-Fragile”

James BeadleIan Bremmer of Eurasia Group is as sharp as political analysts get, his recent book, Every Nation For Itself, is a must read, and the amount of things he correctly forecasts is a testamont to his depth of knowledge and analysis. But Bremmer’s business model is a beneficiary of geopolitical instability. Continue reading

Janet Answers My Question …

James Beadle… But not the way I had hope.

It is not realistically possible to listen to the entire Yellen testimony on the hill. The head of the FOMC does an amazing job of fielding questions for hours on end, Russia’s media friendly Vladimir Putin would be proud. During the time I was watching, Yellen didn’t get asked the three pressing questions I had posed for her. Instead she got some comical and other serious questions. And she made a mockery of the third of my three concerns. Continue reading

Three Questions for Janet Yellen

James BeadleNext week, FOMC chair Janet Yellen will give testimony on the hill. The experience will as ever be a complex mix of signalling her outlook to the market, influencing prices as is now standard operating practice; answering diligent concerns about growth, monetary and political issues; and fielding dozens of pointless politically biased queries, presented by ignorant politicians only interested in a Twitter moment.

Well, if you are one of those economically ignorant politicians only interested in a photo-shoot, why not ask a sensible question too, for once. (Meanwhile, you can take five min to check the Fed’s FAQs for answers to the questions you were planning to ask.) Here are three questions that need answering: Continue reading