Monthly Archives: March 2015

Britain’s Inflection Election

James BeadleI was recently asked my opinion about the British election, and for some time I have been planning to write about it, so thanks to Tarun for the motivation, here we go!

Let’s put a few things on the table upfront. First, I won’t be voting. I have not spent enough time in the UK for too many years to be eligible. That’s fair enough. Continue reading

Riddle Me this, Mr Draghi!

My questions for Mario Draghi at this month’s ECB press conference. Calling ECB journalists, to carry my proxy!

Tomorrow afternoon (Thurs 5 March), ECB head Mario Draghi will take his regular pew in front of an audience of sceptical and converted journalists, and (via TV link) investors around the world. He will explain that the Governing Council has supreme confidence in the need to print money to rescue the European continent from deflation. After giving his speech he will open the floor to questions. As usual, it will only be the journalists present, not the investors watching from a distance, who get to ask questions.

So, my request to the ECB journalist pool: Please be my proxy, ask my questions! Continue reading