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My Question for Janet Yellen

Untitled1Once again, the time has come and Fed Chair Janet Yellen will be subjecting herself to the role of political football for a marathon session of naive and pointless questions. On the off-chance that few US parliamentarians might want to actually add value, this year I have just one question I’d like to hear the answer to: Continue reading

Media Stupidity and the EU Referendum

Donald Tusk has just unveiled the proposals that EU members should agree before the UK votes on whether to remain in the EU or dissolve its membership. As usual I read them in the FT. But then I went to check some other headlines as a comparison. The quality of journalism remains torrid.
According to the FT, the proposals cover every area that was on the table, but there are some technical aspects yet to confirm. The tone is neutral, the content infers a positive process and potential for a smooth referendum supported by EU leaders and most UK politicians.
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