Monthly Archives: May 2016

Referendum Debate Continues

meI came across a very well written post on Facebook about voting leave. It’s well written so it took some time to spot the biases. Below I’ve added my replies to key points. Again, these are just my opinions, there are no hard fixed rules to this. But every vote counts and the media is making a mess of the discussion, so I hope that some honest thoughts can help. Continue reading

Why I Would Vote Remain

meOK, at the risk of alienating myself from all sides, I’m going to take a crack at the referendum nut. I don’t get to vote because I’ve lived outside the UK for too long. If I did, I’d vote “Remain” and then everyone would tell me that I’m just expressing my self-interest, because I live in continental Europe. And that’s an interesting place to start thinking about how to vote. Continue reading