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Open Letter to UK’s Next Prime Minister

Me in France 3Dear Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom

As you well know, last month 17.4 million British citizens, 52% of those registered, voted to leave the EU. At the same time, however, 29 million registered voters didn’t choose to leave. The UK is said to be the mother of all democracies, so the rules of the referendum must hold, and one of you, as the future prime minister, will be charged with taking the UK out of the EU.

For some this is a great relief, for others an equally great tragedy. Opinion is sharply divided. But more than that, the path forward Continue reading

Dear Prime Minister

Me in France 3Dear Prime Minister

In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, one of the few courses of action open to people is to write to their MP. But millions of us don’t have this option, so I am writing today on behalf of British nationals dispersed across Europe and the world.

Not being UK residents, we were denied a voice in the vote over the UK’s membership of the EU. An injustice that adds insult to injury, as we find ourselves among the most immediately exposed to the consequences of the decision. Yet, our concern runs deeper. Continue reading

Post Reality Politics with Matt Damon

Me in France 3Here is a wonderful clip involving Matt Damon and libertarian journalist at an education rally in the US. It perfectly summarises the issue with politics in the world right now. Truth, reason and reality have all been thrown out the window.

The key point of the exchange comes in the middle of the clip, where Matt Damon says this: Continue reading

Leaving – Via a Greek-Style Cliff Drop

Me in France 3Leave will lead you out the door, and over a cliff. It is incredulous that the leadership of the Leave campaign doesn’t grasp the most basic lessons of the Greek crisis.

And it’s not as if they haven’t been studying it. Throughout the referendum campaign, Leave repeatedly pointed to Greece as an example of how twisted the EU is. Citing the maltreatment of the Greek population through austerity as an example of how the EU doesn’t take care of its citizens.

But when the discussion switches to the UK, they imagine an entirely different circumstance. Continue reading