Monthly Archives: December 2017

Tackling Bitcoin Mania – Caveat Emptor!

Everywhere I turn, the conversation is about Bitcoin. How much is it up? (18x as I write.) Is it a good idea to invest? Does a potential Bitcoin crash threaten the economy? Should we worry about it? In this post, I will take a closer look at Bitcoin, covering these questions as well as trying to understand what the perspectives are for this maverick financial instrument. Continue reading

At last, a deal on the terms of leaving the EU?

Last night, whilst I was enjoying a re-run of The Insider, an amazing film about moral principles and ethics in life and business, the UK and the EU reached an agreement to advance to discussing the trade aspects of their future relationship. Cause for celebration, some Leave advocates might say. But is it? Even if I was a Leave campaigner (make no mistake, 18mths after the referendum, furious campaigning continues on both sides) I would have doubts concerns. Continue reading