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Diano Marina PortraitWelcome to my site, where you can read my free content posts, and learn about the profile and thinking behind my custom tailored services.

I am a British born global and emerging markets investment manager. Currently based in Monaco, I quit SocGen in September 2013 to focus on financial services adapted to the post-crisis environment. I entered finance from a journalism role, in Moscow 2000. I have over nine years of experience in the former Soviet Union, an MBA and an MSc in Financial Engineering; I have worked in equity research and as a consultant for the OECD, as well as a fund manager for over three years. I have extensive public speaking and television experience. My most recent speaking events were GAIM and Fund Forum International in Monaco. All views expressed here are my own.

In my postings, I aim to:

– Contribute actively to the development of the Russian economy, and improve your understanding of the former Soviet Union.

– Add constructively to the global discussion about how to cleanse the financial services industry from the ground up. We need change across the board, from the search for effective real world investment solutions to effective legislation and onto the search for optimal channels for implementation in the 21st century.

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