An Open Letter to the Prime Minister


Me in France 3Dear Prime Minister

In the wake of the High Court’s decision against the government this week, I write to express my concern about the state of British society, and your lack of determined leadership at this troubled time.

The vote to Leave was always going to bring social conflict. The emotive nature of the subject and binary nature of the outcome assured this. Even if the win had been clearer, or the vote fairer, Brexit would still have been a tinder box. Your caution over the issue suggests that you understand this.

Under the circumstances – a badly designed referendum; a dishonest Leave campaign; a narrow victory with a large group (overseas) unable to vote; and with you having spoken for Remain – it is entirely sensible that you have adopted a cryptic and cautious stance, whilst pursuing Brexit as the responsibility policy of your government.

Yet, this policy has failed to placate Leave campaigners, and the press has fed their insatiable anger. We lost Jo Cox, a sincere and caring politician, to this anger before the vote. Now judges and legal campaigners are receiving death threats. Remain campaigners are under siege, facing constant aggression and threats of violence, for using their rights to fight against leaving the EU.

With this back drop, the Sun, the Daily Mail and Daily Express run headlines that openly incite hatred, aggression and violence, spreading anger and fear in equal measure.

Prime Minister, I grew up in the 80s, when the UK was a more difficult place. But we have achieved so much since then. A backlash against the progress toward social equality and diversity is perhaps understandable. But in no way is it acceptable.

Your determination to rise above the Leave-Remain fray has made sense. But the question of tolerance is entirely different. I beseech you, it is now urgent that you take a firm, clear and decisive stand. Anger and fear have no place in 21st century society, if your term is to stand for anything, let it stand for the UK remaining a kind, loving, free and fair society.

A minority of people, backed by a well-funded press with a malevolent agenda, will define your term as a humanitarian disgrace, and the UK’s standing will plunge even further if you don’t take stand today and put this vile anti-democratic campaign down.

Yours sincerely

James Beadle