Dear Prime Minister

Me in France 3Dear Prime Minister

In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, one of the few courses of action open to people is to write to their MP. But millions of us don’t have this option, so I am writing today on behalf of British nationals dispersed across Europe and the world.

Not being UK residents, we were denied a voice in the vote over the UK’s membership of the EU. An injustice that adds insult to injury, as we find ourselves among the most immediately exposed to the consequences of the decision. Yet, our concern runs deeper. The fact that we don’t live in the UK doesn’t diminish our love for our country of origin.

A multitude of factors explain why we are not currently living there. But today we face the fear of a dramatic disruption to our lives and our rights as Europeans, at the same time as watching the nation tack onto a path of certain value destruction. Permanent damage has already been inflicted on the UK’s stature in the world, as well as to its economy and internal unity.

Speaking for myself, I do not blame you for the way events have unfolded. I imagine you have never been so relieved to see protestors at your gates as you were yesterday, when the Remain campaign finally took to the streets with a march to express its outrage at the hijacking of the nation’s fate by a small bunch of narrow interests.

Prime Minister, I am sure you know the numbers. About 65% of registered voters didn’t tick the Leave box. Of the 35% that did, many voted in protest, and many more are experiencing buyer’s remorse. As the inevitable costs of leaving mount, this latter group will certainly grow in number.

I know of Remainers who didn’t vote. I know of Leavers who now realise they were lied to. I don’t know of single conviction Leaver who didn’t vote. The Leave campaign has punched far above its weight. Good for them, but they still fell far short of a true majority. And simply allowing us overseas Brits a voice in our own futures would have been more than enough to avert disaster.

I have admired your work from day one as prime minister. Having an education in economics and finance, I understood the need to act quickly and decisively in the wake of the financial crisis. Along with Nick Clegg you achieved much, steadying the ship, and proving that national interest can still be put first in British politics. But all the hard earned progress will unwind, and more, if the UK goes through with leaving the EU.

Throughout the referendum campaign, it was repeatedly said by the Remain campaign that this issue is bigger than any one man. It is. The subject of EU membership today is bigger than any politician and bigger than any political party. For this reason, for the good of the nation, I implore you now to put country before party.

The nation was systematically lied to by the Leave campaign, to such an extent that democracy itself has been subverted. Give the people a genuine say in how their future looks. Allow politicians the chance to regain the authority to vote on the European question. Call a general election before you stand down.

The damage inflicted by the Leave vote is already permanent. But it has only just begun, secure your place in history by taking the essential bold steps to halt the UK’s fateful decline.

Yours faithfully

James Beadle