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On Brexit Economics

Untitled1It comes to my attention that the media is reporting that the UK economy is doing well post Brexit. I’d like to address this point, because misunderstanding the economic situation tips the scales against the urgent need to block the UK’s departure from the world’s largest trading block.

Is the economy doing fine? In short, no. The Bank of England has cut rates to a new record low and resumed quantitative easing. Mark Carney has forecast at least 250k job losses.

So what’s the beef? Continue reading

The UK Still Can and Should Remain

Me in France 3Over the weekend, whilst reeling from the shock news that the UK has voted to leave the EU, I was monitoring and consistently promoting an online petition to call for a repeat vote. Many people have signed it, but most insist that change is not on the cards. I disagree, and here I will explain why I believe the UK should reconsider its decision to leave the EU. Continue reading