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Why I Stopped Worrying About Trump

Me in France 3The unthinkable has come to pass, Donald Trump is president elect of the US. The world is in shock and America’s socially liberal society is reeling in confusion, how could this happen, what does it mean and what hope is there for the future?

I flagged Mr Trump as a serious concern relatively early in the election cycle, hearing populist noise that diametrically conflicts with my own beliefs and values. Yet, now that he is elected I find myself oddly sanguine about the situation, let me explain why. Continue reading

Hopes & Fears in the Time of Trump

Me in France 3So, the impossible happened. It is not only socially liberal society that imagined Donald was unelectable, it is also Donald himself. How many times did he say that the system was rigged against him? It could be argued that by winning he proved the system isn’t rigged, so he no longer needs to govern. But let’s assume he will. How is this going to work out? Let’s consider some hopes and fears. Continue reading