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Open Letter to UK’s Next Prime Minister

Me in France 3Dear Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom

As you well know, last month 17.4 million British citizens, 52% of those registered, voted to leave the EU. At the same time, however, 29 million registered voters didn’t choose to leave. The UK is said to be the mother of all democracies, so the rules of the referendum must hold, and one of you, as the future prime minister, will be charged with taking the UK out of the EU.

For some this is a great relief, for others an equally great tragedy. Opinion is sharply divided. But more than that, the path forward Continue reading

Brexit Notebook – A Self-Exiled Brit’s Perspective

Untitled1Europeans seem to view Brits as an irascible nuisance. Proud but pragmatic individuals ready to do whatever it takes to get their own way, and doggedly resistant to the common interest. Perhaps even a modern-day Trojan horse within the EU for the purpose of destroying it. For their part Brits see Europeans as obsessed with imposing their definition of common interest, unwilling to accept dissent or disagreement. Both sides are probably wrong, the European view of Britain certainly is.

The UK population today is less proud of its colonial history than of its 20th century actions, where it sacrificed its global dominance to twice save Europe from utter catastrophe. The UK is far more affectionate toward Europe than Continue reading

Media Stupidity and the EU Referendum

Donald Tusk has just unveiled the proposals that EU members should agree before the UK votes on whether to remain in the EU or dissolve its membership. As usual I read them in the FT. But then I went to check some other headlines as a comparison. The quality of journalism remains torrid.
According to the FT, the proposals cover every area that was on the table, but there are some technical aspects yet to confirm. The tone is neutral, the content infers a positive process and potential for a smooth referendum supported by EU leaders and most UK politicians.
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