Below you can find a selection of some of my TV appearances over the years. Bloomberg Terminal users can also find a collection of some of my previous interviews on archive.

how to succeed
How to Succeed in Finance Part 4
The concluding chapter of my lecture to the new cohort of the MS Finance programme at IUM. The speech concludes with a discussion about roles in finance, and finding unique ways to sell yourself.


how to succeed
How to Succeed in Finance Part 3

In this video, we talk about what makes finance so special, why it needs regulation and what the post crisis industry will look like.


how to succeed

How to Succeed in Finance Part 2
In part 2, we talk about the challenge of surviving the financial crisis, and how it has changed the experience of working in finance.



how to succeed

How to Succeed in Finance Part 1
The introduction to my speech on day 1 of the MS Finance program at the International University of Monaco. Get Motivated for finance!





Moscow Notebook, 5 August 2013
Discussing the economic slowdown and Moscow Mayoral election.


FundForumAsia 20130604


Fund Forum Asia, 4 June 2013
Talking about progress in Russia beyond the macro headlines.


cnbc 06072009


CNBC Interview, 6 July 2009
Russia-US Reset. Business likely to remain cautious.


cnbc 18052009


CNBC Interview, 18 May 2009
Russia’s dependence on global commodities prices.


cnbc 09032009


CNBC Interview, 9 March 2009
Russia begins to stabilise, prospects for Medvedev’s presidency.


cnbc 20081117


CNBC Interview, 17 November 2008
Prospects for a recession post-Lehman. 


cnbc 18092008


CNBC Interview, 18 September 2008
First day of Micex closure during the darkest days of the global crisis.